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Monday, April 22, 2013

WWII GERMANY: StuGs and JagdPanzers


PzKpfw I / Armament: 15cm sIG33 low-velocity howitzer

Flakpanzer I
Armament: one 20mm Flak 38 L/112.5

PzKpfw II / Wespe (SdKfz 124)
Armament: 10.5cm leFH 18M L/28 main gun

Sturmgeschutz III [StuG III] (SdKfz 142)
Armament: one 7.5cm StuK40 L/38 Kanone and one MG-34 machine gun.

Sturmgeschütz IV (SdKfz 167)
Armament: 7.5cm Sturmgeschütz40 and two MG-34 or MG-42 machine guns

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär (Sd. Kfz. 166)
Armament: 15cm StuH 43 mortar and one MG-34 machine gun

Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind
Armament: 20mm Flakvierling38 quad-mounted and one MG-34 machine gun

Sturmtiger/Sturmpanzer VI/Tiger-Mörser:
Armament: 38cm RW61 auf Sturm(panzer)mörser Tiger and one MG-34 machine gun


Hetzer: Jagdpanzer38(t) (SdKfz 138/2)
Armament: 75mm PaK39 L/48

Lorraine Schlepper(f) (SdKfz 135)
Armament: 75mm PaK40/1

Marder I (SdKfz 135)
Armament: 75mm PaK40/1

Panzerjager Marder II (SdKfz 131/132)
Armament: 75mm PaK40/1

Sturmgeschutz III (SdKfz 142/1)
Armament: 7.5cm Sturmkanone 40

Hummel (SdKfz 165)
Armament: 15cm sFH 81/1 L/30 main gun

Panzerjager IV (SdKfz 162)
Armament: 75mm PaK42 L/70

Sturmgeschütz IV
Armament:: 7.5cm PaK L/48

JagdPantherV (SdKfz 173)
Armament: one 88mm Pak43/3 L/71 and one MG-34 machine gun

Hornisse / Nashorn (SdKfz 164)
Armament: 8.8cm PaK43/1 (L/71)

Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger Ausf. B (Sd. Kfz. 186)
Armament: 12.8cm PaK44 auf Panzerjäger Tiger

Ferdinand/Elephant: Panzerjäger Tiger(P)(SdKfz 184)
Armament: 8.8cm PaK43/2

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